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Top shelf carpentry is about precision, accuracy, and a combination of technical skills and experience. At KT Construction, LLC, all members of our team have spent years learning the trade of carpentry and are happy to apply their knowledge on your particular project from design to execution.

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Carpentry from Rough to Finish

KT Construction, LLC is one of the few that can seamlessly blendthe old and new techniques. Our carpentry and woodworking services are of thehighest quality and you'll like what we do.

KT Construction, LLC knows that demand for talented carpenters we will always be there. As such, we want to be the name you call when you need help framing a house, exterior trim, interior trim, building a deck, or pergola.

For carpenters that get it right, call KT Construction, LLC at 970-948-9817. 

Our Services

Carpentry Services.

KT Construction, LLC is a full-service carpentry services provider, handling both general carpentry work and woodworking. Learn more about what we do by clicking below.

In hiring an independent Florida carpenter, one thing should never be in question - structural integrity. Whether it's a new addition to your property or another carpentry project, the KT Construction, LLC team has the necessary experience to ensure your plans are engineered well. As a design and build solution, we're your one-stop shop for structural carpentry.

Following the traditions of structural carpentry, the team at KT Construction, LLC is well-versed not only in standard framing and stairway construction but also in structural concepts. This translates to an ability to modernize, renovate, or remodel your Florida property in a way that retains structural integrity and adds both beauty and function at the same time. From deck building to gazebo construction to window framing, we do it all.

At KT Construction, LLC, the sky's the limit for our structural carpentry skills - if you can dream it, then we can build it. Our shop is outfitted with a full arsenal of woodworking tools and our experience combines both traditional woodworking techniques with modern advancements, such as using computer modeling programs.

For your next framing or wooden construction job in Florida, call KT Construction, LLC at 970-948-9817 for carpentry work with flawless structural integrity.

For many people in North Florida, a deck or pergola represents more than just adding value to a property - it's creating a space specifically designed for your pleasure and entertainment. As such, it only makes sense to hire the pro sat KT Construction, LLC for your backyard construction needs. We've helped many people just like you build the deck or pergola of their dreams.

One of the major considerations of any building project in North Florida is what material to use. Our experience includes standard wood, specialty wood like cedar, Timbers, PVC, and much more.

For a quality deck and pergola construction that transforms your North Florida property, call KTConstruction, LLC at 970-948-9817. 

Over time, your Florida home's doors and windows can take quite a bit of abuse, from improper use to weather issues. Regardless of what's caused your doors and windows problems, KT Construction, LLC has a solution ready to be applied. We've worked with all types of residential doors and windows.

Our KT Construction, LLC customers know that when it comes to professionalism, no other North Florida company can match up with us. On every service visit, we'll treat your home as if it's our own. That means not only will we execute the door or window install flawlessly, we'll also make sure that we're leaving you with a clean job site. 

Give us a call KT Construction, LLC Ltd 970-948-9817.  

When it comes to framing whether it is custom framing or production. We take pride in giving a superior product to our customers. Plumb, level and straight is our motto.

We have 30 years experience in the Carpentry field so we can handle whatever it is you need to be framed. Timber framing is one of our specialties also.

For a quality framing on your North Florida property, call KT Construction, LLC at970-948-9817 

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